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Should You Let Customers Choose The Music?

Jun 20, 2016 9:17:16 AM published by soundjack

Modern technology over the years has allowed businesses to engage with their customers on a greater scale than ever before, and businesses have been taking full advantage of this new company-customer relationship to push their brand into new directions and build up their customer loyalty. From [...]

The Unfortunate Failings of British Eurovision Entries

May 30, 2016 12:45:31 PM published by soundjack

Year after year, Britain enters Eurovision – flying their annual act half way across Europe only to return empty handed. Not do they come within a slither of winning either, but regularly rank near last, if not last place in the full Eurovision ranking list. Britain’s failings on the Eurovision [...]

5 Easter Eggs Hidden within Popular Music Videos

May 5, 2016 12:25:19 PM published by soundjack

It may have been a month since Easter, but that doesn't stop us looking for easter eggs - no, not the chocolate kind of ones but the hidden message/meaning or insider's joke that can be found tucked away within a music video. How many of these did you previously spot?

How Hotels Can Use Music To Enhance Guests' Experience

Mar 4, 2016 10:55:34 AM published by soundjack

The Effect of Christmas Music on Shopping Behaviour

Dec 3, 2015 3:38:05 PM published by soundjack

The holidays are upon us! And it has now become impossible to go anywhere without hearing Christmas songs in the background. But why is it that so many businesses choose to play Christmas background music?