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Looking for some playlist “praise” this summer?

May 4, 2017 3:13:05 PM published by James Luck

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Like or hate the advertising industry, it has a knack for unearthing some amazing music – and more specifically, catchy covers of classic songs. (Remember that John Lewis advert featuring Lily Allen’s cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know?)

Well, we think we’ve found one that you’ll love. In fact, we’re predicting a summer smash for up-and-coming artist Hannah Grace’s cover of Camilla Yarborough’s “Take Yo’ Praise” – otherwise known as “Praise You” – sensationally sampled by Fatboy Slim back in 1999.

Everyone is susceptible to cover power

There’s something particularly powerful about a cover.

Nostalgic yet new. Strange yet familiar. It shouldn’t work, yet somehow it’s incredibly effective. Who would have thought that a cover of the cheesy Grease classic “You’re the one that I want” would feature in a Chanel advert?

Lloyds (and its beautiful, galloping black stallion) is the latest brand to harness the power of the cover.

Haunting but hopeful, the track on its latest advert combines Hannah Grace’s rich vocals with the backing of the London Contemporary Voices Choir.

Hannah Grace is destined for big things

Often, it’s well-known artists that cover classic songs. A folky take on a rock song, for example. (Think that album by Johnny Cash, American IV: The Man Come Around.) Or an upbeat poppy take on a classic. (We’re thinking Scissor Sisters’ cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”.)

Ultimately though, a cover has to bring a new angle to a familiar tune. And Hannah Grace does this effortlessly on “Praise You”.

Hailing from Wales, Hannah is a 21-year old singer who’s been around since 2012 or so. But we’re predicting that 2017 is the year she’ll become a household name.

Be praised for the coolest song sessions

You can check out the song (and the advert, if you’re interested!) here. And please note it is being included in our “New Cool” sessions.

Although it isn’t hugely upbeat, it has the potential to work well later in the evening, given that it recalls Fatboy Slim’s manic take on the original. But it’s also a topical talking point for meal times or early evening get-togethers. A great all-rounder, in other words!

Just remember, we called it!

Topics: New music, New cool

Written by James Luck