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How Operators Can Make Money from Background Music

Mar 14, 2017 9:06:59 AM published by soundjack

How Operators Can Make Money from Background Music

Money, Money, belted out by Liza Minnelli, may not be everybody’s playlist choice but, as the lyrics say it’s what makes the world go ‘round.

And Operators can make plenty of money from background music. In fact, it not only pulls in more cash than pool tables and skills with prizes (SWP) machines but it can encourage people to spend more on gaming machines, too.

It’s been found that 73% of pubs, bars and clubs believe that good music increases sales (Musicworks) and this includes your gaming machines. Sites with good music systems are busier and more profitable and it stands to reason people will spend more in the gaming machines, play longer on the pool tables and spend more in the venue if they are enjoying the background vibes.

Never let your competition steal a site because with this combination of earning potential along with the other benefits of background music, an Operator is also more likely to retain the venue. It is easy for a competitor to replace the machines in a site but very difficult for them to get the music just right!

Another option is that, where appropriate, the Operator can make money by allowing customers to pay to play selected background music from their playlist or to pay extra to jump the queue.

This pay-to-play model is particularly suitable for any of your sites that don't have a jukebox. You should be supplying background music for additional revenue.

Potential to save money, too

Background music is a perfect replacement if a jukebox isn’t taking enough. Also, background music has:

  • Strong uptime due to being very easy to maintain with few service calls being required.
  • Fantastic site longevity, and no need to replace every year.

Of course, your team already have all the core skills to offer a complete background music install service so there’s no extra staff, time or training required.

And then there’s the total music solution … jukebox and background music. That’s a combination that’s guaranteed to make and save money.

Background music and money. You can make your world go ‘round much more profitably.

Topics: Background Music, Operators

Written by soundjack